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Williston Park Recreation
Annual Easter Egg Hunt
March 29th at 12:30pm Kelleher Field


From the Desk of Mayor Paul Ehrbar Updated March 4, 2015.

As I type, the temperature outside is a balmy 23 degrees with an expected low of 14 degrees. The weather this winter has been atrocious. Snow, ice, frigid temperatures, heavy winds and occasional rain has made for a difficult winter. Due to these conditions many residents have stayed in their homes for the most part venturing out only when necessary, reducing outside travel to a bare minimum. Its times like this that has all thinking of the coming Spring with flowers in bloom, trees covered with leaves and the greening of the grass. While these thoughts help us all to deal with the weather, it is important that we all remain in daily contact with our family, friends, and neighbors, especially those who live alone.

In light of the numerous storms I feel it is necessary to again review the Snow Emergency code. Although lengthy, please read the following article. Once snow accumulation reaches 2 inches or more a snow emergency is declared. All vehicles must be removed from the streets and remain so until eighteen hours after the snow stops falling. Vehicles parked on the streets within the Village are in violation of the Village Code and owners face the possibility of receiving a ticket with a fine of $150.00. While the established fine is steep, it was put in the code many years ago to discourage street parking during a snow storm. It’s interesting from my vantage point because of the emails and calls I receive from residents. Some who receive the tickets are upset and question in many cases as to why tickets were issued especially when the snow accumulation is between 2 and 5 inches. Others call and complain that not enough tickets are given and that the fine should be higher (on occasion the same individual will complain both sides depending on their receiving or not receiving a ticket). It is necessary for all to understand and hopefully accept the reason for the code and the implementation of a snow emergency. Please note that the Village is not required to send out notification or to send out vehicles announcing the Snow Emergency. However, every attempt is made to do so. Notification system is used when Villages offices are open (currently attempting to establish remote notification to residents when office closed) and the Auxiliary police drive throughout the Village making the announcement whenever possible. It is the Village responsibility to ensure that village roads are kept as safe as possible when faced with snow/ice conditions. This requires plowing and salting of the roads. Without parked cars the crews are capable of moving quickly and efficiently throughout the Village. When confronted by cars the operation slows, becomes more tedious and less efficient. In many cases additional plowing is required. When parked cars leave there spots after the storm and plowing is finished, streets are left with areas of snow and this year in particular, the remaining snow quickly turns to ice. This creates a hazardous situation and contributes to the narrowing of roads. Parked cars then make it difficult and in places impassable for traffic. Emergency vehicles are hampered and the potential for a delay to a call becomes quite possible. With the patches of snow turning to ice, additional snow storms make it extremely difficult for our plows to work effectively. More ice and thicker ice, besides slowing the process, and creating unsafe conditions, damages Village equipment. Damaged equipment prevents it use and can be costly to repair.

It is the responsibility of vehicle owners to remove their vehicles from Village streets when a snow storm comes into the area. While cars are legal on the streets prior to a snow emergency, if snow is predicted, regardless of the amount predicted, it is best for both the resident and the Village that cars be removed from the street. If the snow fall is less than two inches no harm done. If a car is left on the street and more than two inches fall there potential for individuals to receive a ticket and also create worse road conditions. On a side note, residents can park in Village lots with or without a permit if a snow storm hits the Village.

Another major problem is created when residents put snow back in the street while shoveling or snow blowing. This also creates a hazardous condition and requires additional plowing which can be less efficient. Turn the snow blower discharge towards the property as opposed to the road.

To review : Leaving cars in the streets, while creating numerous safety issues, also, drastically increases expenses to the Village with increased plowing, increased overtime, increase salt use, and increased equipment damage which is paid for by our taxpayers.

Simple message: If snow is predicted remove your car from the Village streets. This works to everyone’s advantage!!!



Sign Up Instructions for Notification Email's

              The Village has decided to  implement a new program in an attempt to keep our residents informed of events and meetings that are occurring in the Village throughout the year. This is a voluntary program  that will allow the Village to provide notification  whenever necessary  to participating  residents in a fast and  efficient  way . While events, whether routine, special or of an emergency nature  are regularly  placed on our web page, we would like to expand the notification process.  In order to reach as many residents as possible, in a short period of time, it has been decided that an email system be established to accomplish  this goal. For all those wanting to participate, send an  email to By doing so, the Village will add that email address to our contact list. If an individual has more than one email address we request that each address be sent separately from the email address that you would like on our Village list. That will allow staff to easily put the sending email on our contact list. Whenever a new event or document is posted to the Web site those on the Village contact list have an opportunity to receive a copy of that posting in their personal email box, automatically. While it won't be necessary to visit the Village Web site to receive the important information being sent, we encourage all to continue visiting the site as much of the information located there is standard and informational yet not of a nature that needs to be sent out.  If any resident, after enrolling in the program decides to discontinue this service their email address can  easily be removed from the Village list by sending a follow up email to the same address ( While  every attempt will be made to reach as many of our residents as possible, we ask all to pass this information and email address on to friends and neighbors who may not be aware of the program, yet would like to participate. Please note that the aforementioned email address is to be used for the stated purpose only, as this will be a dedicated email address. For other communications with the Village, please use the other already established email address.




Monday - April 13, 2015
Board of Trustees Meeting
Workshop - 6:30 pm  
Budget Hearing - 7:30 pm
Re-Organizational Night 8:00 pm


Monday - April 20, 2015
Board of Trustees Meeting
Workshop - 6:30 pm
Public - 8:00 pm


Media Advisory - Nassau County Police Telephone Scam Information

2014-2015 Weekly Sanitation Schedule

The adopted 2014-15 budget is now available online using the link below.
2014-2015 Budget

Mayor: Paul Ehrbar

Deputy Mayor: Kevin Rynne

Trustee: Teresa Thomann

Trustee: William Carr

Trustee: Michael Uttaro

Village Clerk: Julie Kain

 Village Justice: Kevin Kiley

Acting Village Justice: Beth Swendsen-Dowd

Village Attorney: James A. Bradley


Board Meetings are held at 8:00 PM on the 3rd Monday of the month.

Incorporated Village of
Williston Park
494 Willis Ave
Williston Park, New York 11596

fax (516) 746-7109
Hours 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Map to Village Hall

The Village of Williston Park comprises an area of less than one square mile with a population of approximately 7,500 people.

Although mainly a residential area, it has two main business streets, Hillside and Willis Avenues, where almost 300 retail stores, professional offices and other enterprises are located.

The Village was incorporated on September 8, 1926. The first election of a Mayor and a four-member Board of Trustees occurred on October 4, 1926.

The Board holds public meetings at 8:00 p.m. on the third Monday of each month, except in April, when the organization meeting is held on the first Monday.