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The Village of Williston Park Initial Phase II Storm Water Management Program Plan Document
 is available for public review at the Village Hall.

Williston Park 2018 Storm Water Annual Report
The Draft of the Village's 2018 Storm Water Management Program Annual Report (SWMPAR) is available for public review. The Draft SWMPAR can be accessed at the above link. The Village Storm Water Management Program Plan  Documents are also available for review at Village Hall.  Comments and questions on the Village Storm Water Management Program can be submitted to (516)746-2193.


New York State and Local Municipal Law prohibits "illicit discharges" to storm sewer systems. Pet waste thrown in storm sewers, bagged or un-bagged, is an example of an illicit or "illegal" discharge that is punishable by fine and/or imprisonment.

Pet waste dumped into storm sewers can contribute to increased pathogens (i.e. fecal coliform bacteria) to surface water resources or to adjacent storm sewer systems.

The best way to discard pet waste is to either flush it down the toilet (without the bag, of course) and throw the bag in the trash.

The next best approach is to discard the bagged pet waste directly into your outdoor garbage can or separate, smaller, trash can with plastic liner.

What is storm water pollution and how is it a problem?
Click here to learn more and what you can do to help prevent it.


For more information please visit some of the websites recommended below.

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