Fire Department



Williston Park

Fire Department

Proudly Volunteering to Protect lives and property

454 Willis Ave. Williston Park N, Y, 11596

House Phone 516-742-8535

Fax 516-742-2668

For a FIRE or an AMBULANCE Emergency call


John T. Perro, Jr.

Chief of Department

Robert Schnall

1st Assistant Chief


James Duggan

2nd Assistant Chief



The Williston Park Fire Department is a volunteer organization made up of neighbors like you. Established in 1927 for the purpose of the prevention and the extinguishing of fires, and the protection of life and property, the Williston Park Fire Department proudly protects the residents and visitors of our Village. With over 7,500 people, and 2641 Housing units, and some 300 businesses in an area of .7 square miles our population density rivals or exceeds some of New Yorkís major cities.

The department operates 2 - 1500 GPM Pumpers, 1 - 93 Foot Aerial Platform, 1 - Light Rescue Truck, 3 - Command Vehicles, 2 Advanced Life Support Ambulances, 1 Advanced Life Support First Responder Vehicle.

The Williston Park Fire Department Emergency Rescue Squad also provides Ambulance service to East Williston and Albertson Fire Departments in addition to the Village of Williston Park. The Emergency Rescue Squad operates on monies collected during our annual fund drive.

Our volunteer Fire Fighters and Emergency Medical technicians spend many hours each year training to provide the residents with state of the art Fire Fighting abilities and Emergency Medical Care. Our Fire Training is Provided by the Nassau County Fire Service Academy and New York State Academy Of Fire Science. Emergency Medical training is provided by the Nassau County Emergency Medical Services Academy  and The Nassau County Fire Police EMS Academy.

In 2007 we responded to  174 Fire Alarms and over 700 Ambulance Calls.

We are always looking for more help. Please feel free to stop by the firehouse on any Tuesday night at 8pm, call or send an email to us. We are looking forward to working with you.

We offer:

*Free Training *Annual Medicals *NYS College Scholarships

*Tax incentives *Length of Service Program

The department also has an Explorer program also known as the WPFD juniors for those 14 to 18 who would like to find out more about this program send your questions here

For Information on our Ambulance service send an Email with your questions here

Remember to change the batteries in your Smoke and CO Detector.

Practice staying low to the ground when escaping.

Always use caution when using candles.

Learn to stop, drop to the ground, roll if clothes catch fire.

A Car with Blue Lights is a Firefighter on their way to an emergency.

Matches And Lighters Are Tools, Not Toys.

Feel all doors before opening them. If a door is hot, get out another  way.

Practice evacuating the building blindfolded.
    In a real fire situation, the amount of smoke generated by a fire most likely will make it difficult to see.

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